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SEVA is the 2nd largest Chapter in the world of the Electric Auto Association. Our primary focus is on electric automobiles, light duty trucks and motocycles as well as the supporting infrastructure and legislation which are needed for the rapid adoption of EV technology. In addition, our members are interested in a much wider scope of past, present and future electric vehicles including: trolley buses, trains, airplanes, water craft, bicycles, scooters, racing, electrathons, airport sevices, space exploration and one member has even built a battery powered riding mower for his farm.

In addition to our Charge for Change program described below, SEVA's activities include:

  • regular monthly meetings where there are presentations on current EV topics and members network in special interest groups including a pre-meeting EV show-and-tell session in the parking lot
  • lively ongoing discussions about EV news and technical issues via our SEVA email listserve
  • providing knowledgable speakers for schools and various community service organizations
  • organizing EVs and their owners for show-and-tell-and-rides at Seattle area's National Plug In Day, car shows, community parades, sustainabile living fairs, energy conferences, Earth Day observances
  • support of community college EV curriculum including classes that actually convert a donor gas vehicle to all electric in one week

SEVA's Proposed State-wide DC Fast Charging Stations Base Network

SEVA Proposed State-wide DC Fast Charging Base Network
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Charge for Change Logo

Charge for Change is our community service project which sponsors and promotes fee-free public EV charging stations at various locations throughout Washington State. The program's mission is to accelerate the adoption of electric vehicles by

  1. lowering an identified barrier to EV adoption, i.e., the need for a sufficient number of publicly accessible charging stations and
  2. educating the general public about EVs with a focus on the EVs' highly efficient energy usage.and amazingly low cost for the "fuel" itself.

The program is funded through voluntary contributions by those who use the fee-free charging stations (pay it forward) and anyone else who wants to demonstrate their commitment to accelerated adoption of electric vehicles. If you would like to support the Charge for Change mission, please visit our secure online donation website hosted by our program's partner, Adopt-A-Charger.



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